A key feature with TrueRev is our two-way synchronization feature with QuickBooks. When you connect your QuickBooks with TrueRev, all your data from QuickBooks gets fed into TrueRev. What does this mean when it comes to adding customers?

Once this connection is made, customers you add in QuickBooks will show up in TrueRev. And customers you add in TrueRev will appear in QuickBooks.

So Let's begin with TrueRev

  1. In the Menu Column on the left, select Customers

  2. Select Create New Customer

  3. Enter your customer's information

In TrueRev a customer is the company you are doing business with and under customer, you will be able to add the contacts in that company which are the contacts you speak with, address and are your the signatories.

To add a customer manually in QuickBooks

  1. Go to Sales.

  2. Select the Customers tab.

  3. Select Add customer manually.

  4. Enter your customer's information.

  5. Select Save.

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