Once you connect TrueRev with your QuickBooks, the synchronization begins! So the existing contracts you have in QuickBooks will automatically appear in TrueRev. We make sure there's only one source of truth.

How to add a contract?

Add Contract in QuickBooks

You can still add contracts in your QuickBooks and it will be synchronized and updated with TrueRev. If you're more comfortable adding contracts in QuickBooks then you don't need to change the way you do things, TrueRev will import those contracts, their associated customers and products.

Add Contracts in TrueRev

It's recommended to add contracts in TrueRev because.....

Here are the steps to add contracts in TrueRev

  1. In your homepage, select Work on a new contract

  2. Type in the customer or select new customer to add a new customer.

  3. Enter the contract details, add tags so you can track the contract and attach files

  4. Enter the contract dates (effective date, end date, renewal date if applicable) and whether this will be automatic renewal

  5. Set up contract value, including the product(s), who booked the contract and any comments

  6. From here you have the following options:
    a. Set up billing and revenue
    b. Set up revenue not billing
    c. Finish there

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