Invoices are not written in stone. Changes can happen to your invoices, and often do happen when there are changes in your clients needs or your business. Consider changes in the quantity your client is ordering or a change in the product/plan their ordering, perhaps a change in price or even payment net terms. It's possible and in fact quite easy to make all these changes in TrueRev. Whether for a regular invoice or a scheduled Invoice. In this article we will be show how you can edit an already scheduled invoice.

Where are my scheduled invoices?

  1. In the left menu column, select Invoices.

  2. In the middle of the page, select scheduled invoices in the blue circle below.

Edit your scheduled invoices

  1. Once you've found your invoice, click on the three dots at the far right of the invoice and select Edit.

  2. This will open the Invoice Action Center, click on the three dots to edit the invoice.

  3. Make all the changes you want to make in your invoice and click save.

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