Truth is, accidents happen. Automation is a great thing but many business processes are not immune from human error. Especially processes relating to customers. With TrueRev, you can automate invoices so that they are sent on a set schedule - so there's no need to worry about any human error there. You can also create automated follow-ups so a reminder email will be sent out when an invoice is overdue - for a refresher on all of this click here. But what if your customer loses an invoice? Or just says they didn't receive it?

How to Resend an Invoice in TrueRev

  1. Select Invoices in the menu column on the left.

  2. Search for your invoice. You can do so by invoice number if you have it, or customer name.

  3. Identify the invoice that needs to be resent. I good indicator is the looking at when the invoice was due and it's status.

    1. An old invoice with a status "Overdue" or "Unsent" could help you find the invoice you're looking for.

  4. On the far right of the invoice, click on the three dots to open the action menu

  5. Select Resend Invoice

  6. Review the invoice and make necessary edits to the invoice if there are any and send it to your customers.

    1. Possible adjustments to the invoice include:

      1. Change the PO Number

      2. Change the Invoice Terms (Net 10, Net 30, etc...)

      3. Add/Remove Recipients

      4. Change the Tax

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