There's a lot to do in the contracts page, learn about the features in this page to better manage your contracts in TrueRev.

Here are some of the things you should be aware of:


  • At the top of the page there are scorecards that outline the status of your contracts. The first number you see is the sum of the contracts that fit that status (i.e. active or expired contracts).

Contract Settings

  • At the far right end of the contracts you can click on the three dots to open the settings. From there you can either modify the contract, create a sub contract, cancel the contract or view the contract value or scheduling details.

Additional Filters

  • Aside from the regular search bar, there's an option to add additional filters. Narrow down your search by filtering out the contract type and/or the status of the contract.

Contract Overview

  • When you select a contract, you can preview it's details on a high level over on the right. You can see it's effective date, expiration date, how many invoices sent or how many are remaining. .

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