Every time you forget to send an invoice, it slows things down for your company. It can hurt your billing schedule which is inconvenient for you and your client, and can make you look less credible.

As a subscription company, you have clients that need to be invoiced on a recurring basis. Whether it's monthly, quarterly or yearly - TrueRev takes that responsibility off of you. Easily set up auto-invoicing in TrueRev and never have to think about it again. As you know, sometimes customers forget to send invoices. With TrueRev, in addition to automating sending an invoice, you can automate a follow-up email. Learn how to set all of this up below.

How to set up recurring invoicing and automated reminders:

  1. When creating an contract, there are a number of steps, one of the steps is Invoice Manager. Within Invoice manager you can set up auto-invoicing.
    (see below for a screenshot)

  2. Select the products in the contract you want to invoice for.

  3. You will notice that on the right, you will now get the option to either set up recurring invoicing. You can set it up on a preset schedule (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) by selecting Recurring or you can set it up on a custom schedule by selecting Custom.

  4. From there, choose the date you'd like to start sending invoices, how frequent and how many periods to bill for.

  5. You can choose to select Automatic Follow-up to enable TrueRev to send emails to your customers if they forget to pay their invoice.

Learn how to customize the automated emails and/or reminder emails.

Here's how:

  1. Select Settings in the menu column on the left.

  2. Select Invoice Settings in the subheading.

  3. From here, select Email Template to edit the emails you send when you invoice your clients. If you want to customize the reminder email, which get's sent as a heads up when a client missed a payment, select Reminder Templates'

Watch this clip below for more information on invoice settings.

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