In TrueRev there can be only one admin level user - so keep that in mind when deciding who will hold that role in your organization. You don't need a tech background to be the admin. While there isn't a long list of functionalities that set the admin a part from other users, there are a few to be noted:

  1. Only the admin user will be able to add a user to TrueRev. Need to provide access to the COO? Or give access to a new employee? This will need to be done by the admin. Click here to see how to add a user.

  2. The ability to link products is something only the admin user is able to do.

The Linked Account is the account (from your Chart of Accounts) that is associated with the product in your ERP software (e.g. QuickBooks). When you send an invoice, the invoice amount for the product gets credited to the Linked Account.

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