TrueRev has two reports you can access right away that sheds light on your cashflows.

How much will you be expecting in Q3? Or, which contracts are unbilled with the highest value? There's an easy and straight forward way to answer these questions.

Ditch the spreadsheets! With TrueRev you can pull reports for both the future scheduled invoices and unbilled A/R.

To access the reports on Cash Flow, simply click on Reports in the menu on the left column. From there, select either the Future Scheduled Invoices or the Future Cash Flows report.

Future scheduled invoices Report

What's your cash flow going to look like in Q3? or next year? TrueRev makes it easy to answer these questions through the Future Scheduled Invoices report. You can select your date range and view your total future scheduled invoices by customer and drill down to the contract. Select the time interval you want to see the report. You can choose to see the report by monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals.

Future Cash Flow Report (Unbilled A/R)

This report allows your company to quickly identify which customers/contracts owe the most in unbilled payments. This report answers a number of business questions - Which contract has the greatest unbilled amount? And how much of that contract has been billed? And if you have a lot of contracts and want a higher level view, you can set order by quarterly, monthly or yearly intervals.

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