No matter what type of business you are in, it's crucial to monitor contracts that are nearing their end date. While TrueRev offers an auto-renewal feature, some instances need some manual monitoring. For that we've introduced a report to track which contracts are about to expire and have expired.

Expiring Contracts - Contracts Near Expiration

With this report you'll be able to view all the contracts that have expired within the date range you've set. In addition to this, you have the option to view a list of the top 5, 10 contracts by value... or the least 5 or 10 contracts by value.

Drill down to view the contract you're interested in.

Cancelled Contracts

In addition, it can be equally important to monitor contracts that have been cancelled. Find out who has churned and what made them cancel? Exploration that begins with this report can lead you to search for ways to optimize your product.

From here you can drill down and see the contracts you're interested in. In this case it would likely be the $100,000.00 contract below.

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