With TrueRev, you can set up automation to simplify your accounting - in more than one way. The more TrueRev can do for you - the more time your accounting team has to focus on other matters. Certain tasks in accounting can be repetitive and easily offloaded, especially as a SaaS company. Consider the amount of recurring invoices that need to be sent out - the amount of time needed to schedule emails, double check the frequency of invoices and make sure everything gets sent. But your job isn't done there - maybe 10% of your clients forgot to pay their invoice. Then you need to identify which client hasn't paid their invoice and send a follow up email.
Learn what TrueRev's auto-billing feature does for you:

Stop Leaving Cash on the Table

Every time an invoice isn't paid on time, it slows down your company's cash-flow. With TrueRev - set up auto-billing so the recurring invoices get sent to the client. Invoices sent within TrueRev are automatically updated in QuickBooks - so there's always a single truth for your accounting.

When entering a contract in TrueRev, you can designate whether you want that contract to be invoiced on a recurring basis and the revenue recognition method.

Feel free to customize the billing as you wish, frequency or billing dates. How often do you want to bill your client? Not all clients get billed on the same frequency - Could be yearly, monthly or weekly. As for the billing date, you can select when to start billing the client and which date you want the invoice to recur. Have full ownership when customizing your billing.

Invoices sent through TrueRev can be easily identifiable as you can customize the Invoice ID. You can select the invoice prefix, custom letters and suffix. In the example below the invoice is denoted with an invoice prefix "TR", custom letters 'abc' and the digits in your invoice suffix.

No More Human Error

Avoid human error when scheduling and creating/sending invoices. TrueRev tracks invoices, billing schedules and subscription events, so you don't need to worry about managing all these tasks.

Follow Up Emails

As stated earlier, TrueRev automates the billing for your clients' recurring invoices. TrueRev's goal is to save you time and optimize your cash flow. You can set up the logic so if your invoice doesn't get paid within a certain number of days - TrueRev can send a reminder email to your customer. We've got you covered.

And it's easy to set up - drag and drop the merge fields into an email or use our template.

Auto Renewing Contracts

Certain contracts you may want to set up as auto-renewing. For some SaaS businesses, nearly all contracts are auto-renewing unless cancelled by the customer. TrueRev allows you to turn on the auto-renewal feature on a contract so you don't have to duplicate your effort at the end of it's term.

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