TrueRev is an official Intuit QuickBooks Developer. Intuit has thoroughly vetted TrueRev to ensure it appropriately and securely connects with their system. In fact, with TrueRev, the connection with QuickBooks is a two sync - so the updates in one platform can be seen in the other. That way there's only one source of truth. So what does that mean exactly?

2-way Sync

Once you connect your QuickBooks with TrueRev, all your existing products, customers, contracts etc... will appear in TrueRev. TrueRev pulls from this data to create reports, SaaS Metrics and revenue recognition.

After you've set up TrueRev, any new customers, products, contracts or invoices added in TrueRev will also appear in your QuickBooks.

And vice versa, any updates you make in QuickBooks can be viewed in TrueRev - meaning new additions made in QuickBooks can be viewed in your MRR reports or when you're recognizing your revenue. You can be confident that your accounting data is always updated and true regardless which platform you're looking at it.

Thankfully connecting the two is fairly straight forward. Here's how it's done:

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