If you are using Trapp Technology, an Intuit Authorized Hosting Company, or some other third party cloud hosted QuickBooks Desktop solution, please contact us for support, and we'll work with your vendor to get you integrated. If you have sufficient privileges on your hosted system to install new programs and are comfortable logging in to it with Remote Desktop, you can follow the installation instructions from inside Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop (RDP) is the commonly referred to name for Microsoft's Terminal Services Client (MSTSC). If you didn't get a desktop shortcut when you were onboarded by your vendor, you can start it as follows: Open "run" in the Windows start menu and type mstsc in the text box next to "Open:".

starting Remote Desktop from the run dialog

It is also avaliable in Windows Accessories as "Remote Desktop Connection".

Click "OK" or press the enter key and the Remote Desktop Connection window opens.

Remote Desktop connection settings

Enter the server name and user name in the provided fields. Click "Connect" and you should be prompted for the password. After entering it, you should see the third party server in a window and be able to follow the Integrations Manager installation instructions.

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